Laboratori d’històries VR

This 2017 Kosmopolis festival is premiering the Stories Lab VR, a space for the exhibition of digital narratives with festival activities revolving around them such as round tables, talks and tasters of narratives. The theme chosen for the inauguration of the space this year is immersive narratives in 360 audiovisual formats and virtual reality. The impact of this new wave of immersive narratives is ostensibly greater than previous ones, and possibly this time they are here to stay. This new format is generating a great deal of interest in such diverse spheres as journalism, art, documentaries, museums and social activism.

At the height of the international boom in virtual reality we want to generate a space for sitting back and reflecting, where we can explore one of the most important debates present in all the international forums on this new format: its narrative capacities, for telling stories as until now they had been told in the audiovisual world. We will do so by opening the habitual spectrum around which immerse productions are centred, offering an exhibition divided into four spheres: documentary, independent narratives, children’s narratives and literary adaptations and narratives for social change.

Talks convened and moderated:


  • Commissioner & advisor: Carles Sora
  • Production: CCCBLAB – CCCB.