Carles Sora is an Assistant Professor of digital media & culture at the Department of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. He is also director of the incubator program UPF Starting Lab and Academic Coordinator of the B.A. of Media Studies. Sora holds a P.hD in Media Studies and Media Arts with a dissertation of digital time in digital arts and interactive narratives from UPF (2015), an Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from UPF (2009) and a B.S. in Multimedia from UPC (2004).

He has worked in interactive projects for visual arts, theater and performance, and scientific dissemination. He was founder member of the interactive exhibition studio Touche.cat (2009) and director of the Digital Technologies for the Stage graduate program (2010). He has presented his academic and artistic work in several international venues in Spain and Quebec City -as artist in residence at Méduse center-, Paris, Buenos Aires (VE), Mexico DF, Bristol (i-Docs), Lisbone (ECREA). He was Fulbright visiting scholar at MIT Open Doc Lab, CMS/W, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Cambridge (2017-18), where he is still affiliated as Postdoc Fellow.  He is now working with interactive documentaries, VR-360 and its impact.

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My first interactive game: Donkey Kong Jr, de la sèrie Games & Watch de Nintendo, 1984!